Jan 17 2023



The city administration has started the process to obtain a grant and upgrade the video surveillance network management system

A more powerful and high-performance brain for the local police. The municipal administration has approved the technical and economic feasibility study for the implementation of the visual control system of urban video surveillance By resolution of the council last August, the Veneto Region has allocated, also for 2022, funds related to the “Call for access to regional contributions for actions and investment projects in urban security and Local Police,” in line with regional law number 9 of May 7, 2002, which provides for interventions to promote legality and security.

Going into detail, the intervention includes the enhancement of the analysis tool present in the Local Police Operations Center and the improvement of interoperability with law enforcement agencies. This advanced system will enable a more detailed and timely video analysis of the images produced by the network of electronic eyes, in order to ensure the safety of citizens by identifying, and preventing, crime-related issues in the area, especially during the summer period.

The implementation of the urban video surveillance system, as envisioned, requires a total expenditure of 150,000 euros. Should the application be successful, the Veneto Region would provide a contribution of 60,000 euros to which the Municipality of Jesolo would have to add the remaining 90,000 euros. The latter amount, however, would also include an intervention to install new cameras to be included in the existing network.

“The funds allocated annually by the regional government represent a great opportunity to intervene in the technological supports available to the city’s local police corps and upgrade them, says City of Jesolo Mayor Christofer De Zotti. This is an opportunity that Jesolo must finally try to take advantage of, because we are convinced that investing in new technologies means enhancing security and, as a result, being even more welcoming both for the millions of guests who come to our city every year and for those who in a few months will have to choose their vacation destination. And also for all the residents and economic activities that live and operate in the area throughout the year, often finding themselves having to deal with situations that we are no longer willing to tolerate.”


Source: press release October 10, 2022