"ELETTROSHOCK - The asylum of Alda Merini and those like her"

Nov 27 2019

“ELETTROSHOCK – The asylum of Alda Merini and those like her”

On Thursday 28 November at 8.45 pm at the Cinema Teatro Vivaldi the group of boys “Theatro in Jeans” stages “Elettroshock“, a deep theatrical performance, which narrates the events and atrocities suffered by Alda Merini during the years of hospitalization at the psychiatric hospital. A theatrical work that teaches and excites.

The boys of the theater company, with their teacher Federica Zagatti Wolf-Ferrari, have delicately dealt with the theme of madness following the traces of Alda Merini. Through acting, the boys give voice to the many erased, discolored identities, silenced forever in the cold walls of mental hospitals.

Alda Merini was an Italian poet, writer and aphorist.